Monday, January 30, 2006

5 Talking Points in PR Today

Here are some issues that I find relevant to public relations today. I think many of these topics have been and are being addressed through blogs and other forums for opinion. What people easily forget is that these topics affect them in some way or another, regardless of their profession.

1. Job safety. The recent deaths of the miners in W. Virginia has now brought about more awareness of the dangerous risks that come with the job.

2. There's my truth, your truth and THE truth. The issue of honesty has been put in the limelight once again as the battle of Oprah vs. James Frey has been blown up in the media leaving many questioning the difference between a memoir, fiction and non-fiction and what it means to "dupe" Oprah.

3. Claifying the term "public relations"--explaining the profession and exploring the many branches of the broad field. Professionals can use their blogs to debunk falacies and restate their purpose.

4. Making and strengthening relationships with clients.

5. Politics, politics and politics. Politics are driven and shaped by PR professionals and constantly appear in the media in every way. Ana Marie Cox's blog comments on cuurent events in the Washington world.