Thursday, February 02, 2006

Text Messaging

In browsing some blogs the other day, I noted a "prediction" made by Mike Manuel ( He thinks instant messaging and text messaging will be commonly used forms of communication within public relations. Although instant messaging has a certain stigma such as a middle schooler sitting at home after school in front of the computer, it is a fast and easy way to increase a professional's level of multi tasking. One can be on the phone, writing an email, and checking an instant message simultaneously. It might cause a mental overload, but it helps get the job done. Instant messaging in the work place might not be frowned upon as a silly social tool within the office, but regarded as an effective external PR tool that can be used at all hours. I definitely saw this in action at Rogers & Cowan and can see how it is an easier way to communicate rather than picking up the phone, dialing out, being connected then reaching a voicemail.

On a similar note, text messaging is another useful external PR tool. I think a great example of it's effectiveness is a video clip of Charlize Theron (shown on Extra) stepping of the airplane and telling cameras her publicist text messaged her the good news of her Oscar nomination. There you go--PR on top of PR.


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