Thursday, April 20, 2006

Bad P.R. = Good P.R., Part 2

A New York Times article about Kate Moss makes a good addition to my thoughts about clients having badly.

Kate Moss was recently caught in a compromising situation regarding her use of cocaine. Pictures made headlines, prompting questions about the future of her career. Well, she may have been dropped from a few companies, but she isn’t going anywhere.

Maybe it’s the photos—providing unquestionable evidence that she is a user—but I don’t see why anyone would question her career length now when she was made famous by her “Heroine Chic” look of the early ‘90s. Miss Moss’s career thrived on the drugged out description and earned her praise by the fashion industry as a sexy and fresh face. Does damage control really matter?

There are plenty of bad boys and rich-people-done-wrong in Hollywood (or New York, the only two cities that matter in the media’s eyes.) Some make it out alive, and some don’t. Britney Spears has not only fallen off the A-list (and B-list), but she has been cruelly labeled a bad mother who has lost her looks and is married to a gold digger. Think P.R. can help her image?


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