Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Keeping Up With The Joneses?

Looks like everyone's trying to keep up with the Next Big Thing...

The New York Times published an an article today regarding the competition ad agencies face in keeping up with the newest and latest in the biz. Advertising, much like public relations, is forced to abandon some old tactics and replace them with the creative, innovative and tech-friendly.

Anthony J. Hopp of Campbell-Ewald says agencies wont succeed with 30-second commercials, instead they must find “new ways to engage and connect with consumers.” As the media becomes increasingly customized for consumer needs, companies survive on their branding to fit various demands.

“Old school” Coca-Cola is a prime example of a once classic brand becoming progressive and maybe even “edgy”.

The New York Post published a piece about Coca Cola promoting itself though an entertainment website, Stageside.tv, featuring their own branded music and encourages file sharing. By associating themselves with pop artists, behind-the-scenes videos and iPod friendly music, Coca Cola shows the public they embrace new forms of marketing and can meet the needs of young consumers.

They may be a leader in soda pop beverages, but they now want to dominate the market of cool branding. Kind of like media mogul Rupert Murdoch, 75, purchasing Myspace—an internet craze amongst young people. He spent a lot of money and had people doubting him but now media execs are green with envy as they watch this form of digital entertainment taking off.

Whether it’s a media conglomerate, ad agency or P.R. firm, everyone is looking for the Next Big Thing as the technology revolution makes innovators and execs quick on their toes to keep up and stand out.


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